MATH POWERLAND is a coating and resurfacing LLC that specializes in ultra resistant surface solutions for a wide range of surface products ie: wood, cement, stone, tile (porous, Hardie Backer, fiber glass, wood, lucite, metal . We are specialists in durable sustainable designer art the user can interface with as to serve a function . You can see our works in select locations by referral and general admission by emailing In key west our works are at the famous Key West Orchid Key Inn featuring giant orchids, and Almond Key Inn showcasing massive aquatic high realism murals. We use resin to seal a vision , a feeling , an imagination the rare, the impossible, the semi precious and the precious and provide people the experience to walk on it. A design that can not be offered by conventional tile, plane carpet, granite , and epoxy squigee teams we take the floor wall you wish to have surfaced and produce to computer spec with 95% accuracy. You provide us the space surface the size the idea , we submit 3 options to select from. We tweak the final selection and then realize. Due to our goal to preserve these magnificent works we have created also a seamless, micro porous, smooth , shiny, easy to wipe hypoallergenic floor. That is custom to suit your needs and vision .This is the opposite of a secretly smelly and germ soaked carpet. In today’s increasingly packed world, we track in more and more germs , aerosol particulate from the sky pollutants, that land on the ground and get on the bottom of our shoes . Then people walk into hotels, their own homes even , soaking it all into their smelly carpet . Restaurants that serve food and drink are and will become a safety hazard in the new normal of antibiotic resistant bugs, and virus fear. Carpets in public spaces where there is food or seafood are disgusting and unsanitary. It’s just a matter of time . Plus, compound that daily mix with the carpet shampoo and the toxic glue underneath it you got other long term health problems no one ‘s going to attribute to this wall to wall bacteria island. Think about it, Food getting smushed up under every other heel. Carpet !?! Eeerg . Gross. Absolutely gross. lol , sorry, if this is blunt, but people are not tuning into this, very out of date “not a luxury item”. The highway for epidemics is wall to wall rag . And lastly, Note also: this is a self-leveling product , the more level the surface you provide us the flatter is our finish . We do supply an easy install cement under-layment that is featured in several floor pics here on this site.